Our 55th year reunion has been cancelled due to Covid 19.  Our website was designed to foster memories and renew the many friendships that we developed through our little community of friends in our high school years. Reunion registration fees have traditionally been kept at a minimum to allow all of our classmates to be able to attend.  If you enjoy this website, please consider donating, be it $10 or more.  All donations are dedicated to support our class reunions and keeping our website on this server.

Our reunion committee needs and appreciates your generosity and the support you show of our efforts to reunite the "best" class ever. 

See you when it's safe to gather again.  BE BRAVE!

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Donations are a great way to support our class reunions and keep our website online. Registration fees have traditionally been kept at a minimum to allow all our classmates to attend but they really barely cover costs. We appreciate your generosity. See you in 2022 for our 57th! Thank you.
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$ 4,410

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Michael Maher Date Received: 07/28/2023
"My time at Boise high was the best! I came from a one room, school house, south of Jordan Valley, Oregon to Boise high school, what a culture shock and a good way! Thank you everyone for the good vibrations"
Rich Justice Date Received: 09/14/2022
Douglas Cochrane Date Received: 07/17/2021
"Thanks for all your efforts to keep our huge class together. See you in September"
Anonymous Date Received: 04/8/2020
"Go Braves!"
Rich Justice Date Received: 03/26/2017
Ron Wray Date Received: 09/21/2015
Rich Justice Date Received: 09/11/2015
James Wozniak Date Received: 09/3/2015
Kent Hull Date Received: 08/16/2015
Dean Connolly Date Received: 07/13/2015
Shirley Ewing Date Received: 06/26/2015
Ace Jones Date Received: 06/22/2015
Michael Maher Date Received: 04/14/2015
Michael Maher Date Received: 03/25/2015
Michael Maher Date Received: 03/23/2014