Our 50th year reunion website was designed to foster memories and renew the many friendships that we developed through our little community of friends. 

Reunion registration fees have traditionally been kept at a minimum to allow all our classmates to attend but really, they barely cover costs.  If you enjoy this website, please consider donating, be it $10 or more.  All donations are dedicated to support our class reunions and keeping our website on this server.

Our reunion committee needs and appreciates your generosity and the support you show of our efforts to reunite the "best" class ever. 

See you SEPTEMBER 25 - 26, 2015 at our 50th! GO BRAVES!

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Donations are a great way to support our class reunions and keep our website online. Registration fees have traditionally been kept at a minimum to allow all our classmates to attend but they really barely cover costs. We appreciate your generosity. See you in 2015 for our 50th! Thank you.
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$ 3,150

Recent Contributors

Anonymous Date Received: 04/23/2017
"This is in memory of past and present classmates. Remembering especially those who work so hard on the reunions and website. Thank you!"
Rich Justice Date Received: 03/26/2017
"Really appreciate all of your efforts to keep us and the website up to date. Thanks!"
Ron Wray Date Received: 09/21/2015
"Great work, all!"
Rich Justice Date Received: 09/11/2015
James Wozniak Date Received: 09/3/2015
"Thanks to everyone for their hard work in putting this reunion together. Roxann, the website is fantastic!!"
Judy GREGORY Nix Date Received: 08/26/2015
Richard & Nancy Copsey Date Received: 08/22/2015
Doug & Gerry Cochrane Date Received: 08/20/2015
"I appreciate all the work you and the others are doing to make the BHS 50th come together."
Janie Black Morris Date Received: 08/17/2015
Kent Hull Date Received: 08/16/2015
"For those classmates who were once poor and maybe still are, this is to pay for 10 of them to attend the reunion or use for maintenance of the web site. Live well my friends!!"
Dean Connolly Date Received: 07/13/2015
"thx to everyone who has been helping ! it will be great to see everyone again !"
Shirley Ewing Date Received: 06/26/2015
"Every little bit helps with all the extra reunion expenses. "
Ace Jones Date Received: 06/22/2015
Michael Maher Date Received: 04/14/2015
"To help keep all of "us" connected through this website."
Michael Maher Date Received: 03/25/2015
"I simply want to support the creation and maintenance of our class website!"
Michael Maher Date Received: 03/23/2014
"I was a ranch boy from Jordan Valley, Oregon, a real hayseed! You all were so nice to me and gave me the confidence to go on to be a college professor. I simply had the time of my life at Boise high school. Lived and traveled to University of Michigan, University to Chicago, and now University of California at Davis. But my heart remains in Boise. Michael Maher"