We would love to add photos of your special moments, family, and photos of our 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-year, and on reunions.  Just tell us who is in the photo and date your scanned photos and send them to rdehlin@boisestate.edu and I'll add them to our class webpages.  Thank you, Roxann Howell Dehlin 

“How To” Upload Your Photos

  1. On the home page of www.boisehighclassof1965.com, , click on PHOTO ALBUMS
  2. Choose which photo album you want to upload your photo to and on the right hand side of that album, click UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS
  3. Click CHOOSE FILE and then enter your photo’s caption and date.  Although it will not be displayed on our website, enter your name and email.
  4. You will then be able to navigate to your computer and your photo files.
  5. Double click on the photo in your computer that you’d like to upload to our website.
  6. Look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen to see that your upload is being processed.
  7. When it is processed your photo will then appear on our website.  Sit back and enjoy the memories!
Upload multiple photos at a time by clicking on
+ Add Your Photos
or by dragging and dropping photos from your file system onto this page. Once your photos have been selected click
Start upload
on to begin the upload or
to cancel.

Pictures that show up sideways need to be rotated offline and need to be uploaded again.