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March 20, 1947 Retired Widowed 2
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Kath'ren (Kathy) OSTERMILLER (Bay (Lechot))
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February 24, 1947 retired Married 2
Much has changed since my last reunion in '85.  Marriage ended in '88.  With no degree or work history, I was ill equipped to support myself.  But after riding a 150-mile ALA fundraising bike trek, I was able to finagle my way into being the Development Director for the American Lung Assn. of Idaho, which for the next four years proved to be a great training ground for what lay ahead.

In '93 I met and fell in love with Alexis Higdon, DVM.  After we put together our dream of creating  our own kind of cat hospital, we spent several years working in Seattle, learning how to make it happen .  Which led us back to Boise, my old stomping grounds, in '97, opening Idaho's only feline exclusive hospital, The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital & Hotel, located in the old Dalton farmhouse on Ustick Road.

When the doors opened we had $10 in the bank and $550,000 in construction and school loans!  Yeah - we were two crazy old gals with everything to lose - living in the employee lounge for 3 years!  Alexis was the vet and I was everything else, but over the next few years we grew to a full-time staff of four doctors, a support team of 22, and a home of our own!
For me, winning Idaho Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2002, sponsored by The Idaho Business Review, was the highpoint of my career.  But we were also honored by the Better Business Bureau's Integrity Counts! Award 2002, BSU's Women Making Herstory 2002, St. Luke's Celebrating Women in Business 2003, and receiving national recognition with the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Flexibility 2007.  All of our work and community recognition was as 'out and  proud' gay women in Idaho, but being gay made little difference to clients and peers.  This experience made me even more proud of my roots and my hometown.  We retired in 2010, selling the practice to start our next adventure.

Both of my grown kids moved 'up north', one in Spokane and one in CDA.  With five grandchildren growing up quickly, we picked up 'kit and kaboodle' and moved to Spokane in 2011 to be near them.  When Washington voters approved same-sex marriage, we did the deed in 2013, after 20 long years of marches, letters, and campaigning in our own small ways.  It was a grand day, with family and closest friends celebrating with us!
Yes, our class was from a gifted generation; it was a dynamic time in our country when we graduated; we have all faced painful challenges and done our best to live good and full lives these last 50 years. We have helped to make our city, our state, our country better, each in our own way.  And I know that we each have interesting and surprising life stories - probably not at all what we envisioned those many years ago. How I wish I could hear them in person.

Unfortunately, a family commitment is takiing us to Hawaii for several weeks right in the middle of the reunion dates so we won't be able to attend.  I will respond to anyone who  woud like to contact me at (have no facebook).  Note I leave my computer home when on vacation...  My best wishes to you all.  PS: Giant KUDOS to the Reunion Committee.  They have done a fabulous job!  Kath'ren
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Stefani Steele (STEELE McDonald)
February 06, 1947 ret Married 10
After graduation i went to Ricks Collage for 2 years then one year at BYU in Provo Utah. I then served a mission for the LDS church in New Zealand.  I attended BYU for two more years, never graduated from there.  While there I met and married Roger W. Mcdonald.  He was from Canada so when he finished school we came back to Boise waiting on Visa.  We ended up staying here.  After my 7 child I enrolled at BSU and two years and two children later I graduated in music education.  We built a home on my parents driveway so i've never strayed to far from my roots.  We ended up with 10 children.  I told them all to mary orphans or locals but they never listen and are spread all around the country.  We now have 35 grandchildren and love retirement and their visits.  Send Stefani a MessageSend Stefani a Message