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We would love to add photos of your special moments, family, and photos of our 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-year, and on reunions.  Just tell us who is in the photo and date your scanned photos and send them to and I'll add them to our class webpages.  Thank you, Roxann Howell Dehlin 

“How To” Upload Your Photos

  1. On the home page of, , click on PHOTO ALBUMS
  2. Choose which photo album you want to upload your photo to and on the right hand side of that album, click UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS
  3. Click CHOOSE FILE and then enter your photo’s caption and date.  Although it will not be displayed on our website, enter your name and email.
  4. You will then be able to navigate to your computer and your photo files.
  5. Double click on the photo in your computer that you’d like to upload to our website.
  6. Look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen to see that your upload is being processed.
  7. When it is processed your photo will then appear on our website.  Sit back and enjoy the memories!
School Daze #1
School Daze #2
School Daze #3
1975, 10-Year Reunion

We don't have any photos of our 10-year reunion yet.  If you have any, please scan and send them to for inclusion.  Thanks, Roxann 

1985, 20-Year Reunion
1995, 30-Year Reunion
2001 Boise High Remodel
2005 #1, 40-year Reunion

Enjoy these photos of our 40-year Reunion.  The Golf Scramble photos were kindly taken by Sue Hansen Lenon! 

2005 #2, 40-year Reunion
2010 #1, 45-Year Reunion
2010 #2, 45-Year Reunion
2015 #1, 50-year Reunion
2015 #2, 50-year Reunion
2015 #3, 50-year Reunion
2020, 55-year Reunion - COVID 55 POSTPONED

May 23, 2020
Dear Classmates:
The reunion committee met this week and discussed the plans for our 2020 reunion that was to be held in September.  In view of all that is going on with the coronavirus, the uncertainty of how things will look in four short months, and how comfortable all of us will feel in gathering in a large group at that time; it was decided that we will postpone this reunion, rename it Covid 55, and reschedule it for the fall of 2021. 
It was not a difficult decision, but a very disappointing one.  None of us felt comfortable putting anyone else at risk, and social distancing didn't seem especially conducive to mingling with friends you have longed to see. 
We will watch the situation as it develops over the next months, and make a decision at that time as to when to reschedule.  We would welcome your thoughts and input.
Take care of yourselves, stay safe and be Brave—
Sue Ann  

2022 - 57th Year Reunion
Onward Shay Marathons

The Onward Shay! Boise Marathon took place in 2016, 2017, & 2018. There were also kids' races on one day.  Shirley Ewing is coordinating the Boise High School Aid Station on Sunday and finding volunteers for the kid races on Saturday. 
This is a huge event for Boise and has the backing of Boise City elected officials. The Onward Shay Boise Marathon website is fabulous and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the information. It is an incredible weekend! Shay was our special friend and this run is in her memory. The Onward Shay marathon is organized and run by Betsy Luce and Jan Bastian.

Us Then and Now, #1
Us Then and Now, #2
Us Then and Now, #3