Believe It or Not !
Yep!  This is OUR Roger and Rachel
Yep! This is OUR Roger and Rachel
Roger Burdick,Supreme Court Chief Justice
Roger Burdick,Supreme Court Chief Justice
 Burdick to serve as chief Justice of Idaho Supreme Court

- Idaho Statesman   Published: 07/18/11

Justice Roger S. Burdick

Justice Roger S. Burdick has been unanimously elected by his colleagues to serve as Chief Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court, according to a Monday release.

Burdick begins a four-year term as Chief Justice on Aug. 1. He follows Justice Daniel Eismann, who will continue to serve on the state's highest court.

"It is a great honor to serve as Chief Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court and I thank my colleagues for their unanimous vote of confidence," Burdick said.

Burdick has served for 30 years in the Idaho Judiciary, including as a Magistrate Judge in Jerome County, a District Judge in Twin Falls County, the Administrative Judge for the Fifth Judicial District and the judge overseeing the Snake River Basin Adjudication. He was appointed to the Idaho Supreme Court by Gov. Dirk Kempthorne in 2003 and was retained by vote in 2004 and 2010.Burdick received his undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Colorado in 1970 and graduated from the University of Idaho, School of Law in 1974. 

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Roger Burdick - Boise High Class of 1965
Roger Burdick - Boise High Class of 1965
5-26-10 - THANK YOU IDAHO!  Roger won re-election to retain his seat on the Idaho Supreme Court last night!  GO BRAVES!!!

Yep!  This is OUR Roger Burdick!  What an honor for our class to have one on our own sit on the Idaho Supreme Court!  Following is a Letter to the Editor that I submitted and I want to urge all of our class members who live in Idaho to get to the primary polls this Tuesday, May 25 and vote for Roger in this state-wide election! 

For Roger, THIS Primary Election is the ONLY election that matters! As of 5-23-10, the polls have called it a dead heat - Roger doesn't have the financial coffers that his opponent has nor the media coverage that only money buys.  Please spread the word to your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, co-workers, neighbors - VOTE MAY 25 for Roger Burdick! 

     "Roger Burdick has been my friend for 47 years beginning in our sophomore year at Boise High School in 1962-63. As I look back, I remember voting for Roger when he was elected to the positions of class representative for our sophomore, junior, & senior classes along with a group of other classmates who are friends of Roger’s to this day. Roger represented our class when the Silver “B” Awards were presented for scholarship and leadership and in Boys’ State and Boys Federation.  Roger was on Boise High’s wrestling, football, and track teams and remember that he was among the group of other Boise High class presidents and representatives to design our cool new Boise High flag. 
     I’m absolutely proud of the continual involvement Roger has had with our state. We are lucky that his sterling reputation caught Governor Dirk Kempthorne’s attention when he appointed Roger to the Idaho Supreme Court in 2003. He won re-election in 2004 to his first full term and I am again going to vote for Roger for the Idaho Supreme Court. I hope Idahoans understand how Roger’s position as presiding judge in Idaho’s water adjudication proceedings has protected Idaho’s precious water.
     I ‘m afraid of any Idaho Supreme Court candidate that would use this position, especially this position, as a bully pulpit for his own agenda as his opponent exemplifies. Justice Roger Burdick has and will continue to interpret the long respected Idaho laws fairly and legally. Roger’s record and judiciary performance simply reflect the honesty and moral standards that I want represented in the Idaho Supreme Court. 
     I will vote for Roger Burdick once again - to re-elect him to the Idaho Supreme Court. Idaho will once again benefit from his home-grown roots borne in our great state of Idaho.
Roxann Howell Dehlin, Boise High, Class of 1965"